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    4H n-Type

    4H n-Type SiC Substrate

    Current > 4H n-Type
    SICC is constantly pursuing higher crystal quality and processing quality to meet customer needs.
    The 6 inch product is available for supply currently
    The 8-inch product is under development

    *Please contact our sales for more detailed information.

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    • Polytype 4H
    • Diameter(mm) 150
    • Orientation(°) 4
    • Thickness(μm) 350
    • Surface Finish Epi-ready

    Power Electronics Devices

    By growing silicon carbide epitaxial layer on the n-Type silicon carbide substrate, the silicon carbide homogenous epitaxial wafer can be further made into SBD, MOSFET, IGBT and other power devices, which are applied in the fields of EV, rail transit and high power transmission and transformation.

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