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ZRP Management and Training Institute

Founded in 2012 upon the approval by the Board of Directors, Zhong Rong Printing & Packaging Management Training Institute (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”) has prioritized the development of the company’s talent strategy, and is committed to creating, implementing and upgrading training programs oriented at capacity empowerment. At present, it has evolved into the center of talent development for the company.

In addition to executing the company’s plan, the Institute welcomed external parties. By managing joint projects and sharing resources with peers and colleges, it expanded its circle of influence throughout the whole industry and advocated modern ideas and methods in both corporate management and talent development.


  • Provide professional training solutions
    promote our rapid change and development


  • Inherit the legacy of ZRP management, technology and culture
  • Promote industry innovation and talents development
  • Integrate innovation and expertise
  • Combine practical case study with effective training

Introduction of Key Training Projects

Key training projects are divided into three modules: leadership development, strategic topics and soft skills. The training is carried out according to the actual needs.

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Topics

  • Soft Skills

Life in ZRP

We bring people of different values together and offer them the opportunities for mutual encouragement. We boast backbone managers, former executives of multinational companies, as well as management trainees from different universities across China, who share a passion for the packaging industry and wish to grow with ZRP.

  • Workshop Environment

  • Laboratory Environment

  • Working Environment

  • Canteen

  • Yoga Room

  • Ping Pong Room

  • Basketball Game

  • Birthday Party

  • Parent-Child Activities

Salary and Welfare

Our personnel management mechanism seeks a balance between personal career and enterprise development  and a win-win result. We attract and develop personnel of all specialties by continuously integrating internal and external resources and introducing an optimal incentive system. 
We are building a wonderful life for ZRP employees and have launched a scholarship program for them and their children. 

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