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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of ZRP Printing & Packaging's Website



The website of ZRP Printing Group (hereinafter referred to as "Website") is owned by ZRP Printing Group. Before you use the Website, please read the following "Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website" carefully.

ZRP Printing Group may change the contents of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website at any time. Any modification of content will be announced on the Website from time to time. If there is any change, it will not be notified in advance.


Privacy Policy: Information Collection and How ZRP Printing Group Uses Information

If you browse this Website and provide personal information through registration, it will be deemed that you authorize ZRP Printing Group to legally collect your personal information within the scope of this Website. We may use this Website to collect personal information (For example, your name, address, email address, telephone and fax number, comments on market research, enquiries or customer survey feedback.). If you wish to modify your personal data, or do not wish to receive any marketing data, advertising messages, electronic newsletters sent by ZRP Printing Group, or wish to delete your personal data from ZRP Printing Group's database and website, please contact us at market@zrp.com.cn. We will take appropriate protective measures to protect your personal information and prevent any unauthorized storage, search, modification, disclosure or destruction of personal information. We will not use your personal information for other purposes, or transfer, exchange or sell it to any unrelated third party.

Trademarks, Logos, Designs, Trade Dresses and Other Intellectual Property Rights

We do not allow you to use any trademark, logo, design, trade dress, electronic image and other information displayed on the Website without authorization. All such trademarks and related intellectual property rights are owned by ZRP Printing Group. Without written consent, all or part of trademarks, logos, designs, trade dresses, electronic images on the Website shall not be copied, counterfeited, used or linked to other websites.


About Font and Picture Copyright

1. About the Website's fonts. The fonts of the English website are roboto fonts, which are open source free fonts for commercial use. If you think that the source of the fonts of the website may constitute infringement, please contact us in time.

2. About fonts in product pictures. The copyright of such fronts is owned by the brand owner of the product, and ZRP Printing Group is not liable for the fonts of customers' products.

3. About the Website's pictures. The Website's pictures are created or legally purchased by ZRP Printing Group or from brand owners. Such pictures shall not be copied, counterfeited, used or linked to other websites without consent. If you think that pictures may constitute infringement, please contact us in time.

About the Reprint of Website Content

Without the consent of ZRP Printing Group, articles on the Website shall not be reprinted. If reprinting is allowed, the user shall reprint the original text and indicate the source as the Website. The reprinted content shall not be distortion of the original content and out of context, and shall not damage the meaning of the original content.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

We do not guarantee the validity, completeness, accuracy or reliability of the information content on the Website. We shall not be liable for damages arising from any services, expressed or implied, directly or indirectly, obtained through the Website.


Once you violate the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website, or applicable relevant laws and regulations, or the rights of any third party, you agree to be liable for the damage caused to ZRP Printing Group and its management personnel, employees, contractors, service providers and agents, including any related losses, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees and legal fees).


General Terms

All matters related to the use of the Website shall be governed by Chinese laws, and relevant litigation shall be under the jurisdiction of Chinese local courts. The Website is managed and operated by ZRP Printing Group. If you visit the Website from any other country, you must first comply with the relevant laws and regulations of that country.


Acceptance of Terms

After you carefully read the "Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website", you are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and agreed to abide by all applicable laws, regulations and rules. For more information or questions about the "Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website", please contact us at the following email address or telephone number.



ZRP Printing Group Co., Ltd.
No.28 Yanjiang East 3rd Road,Torch Development Zone,Zhongshan City, Guangdong,Chnia 528436
Tel: +86-760-85283388
Email: market@zrp.com.cn

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