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Addressing consumer goods market pain points and sustainability needs through packaging innovation

The shape, content and personalised identity of branded packaging, as well as the matching of colours and materials, are of increasing interest to brand owners and consumers.

A market-driven design system with a design team of over 100 people.

In-depth involvement in the first stage of product development and design for our clients, with creative design including graphic design, structural design, production process design, material design and colour management

  • Color Management
  • Materials Diversity
  • Finishing Amazing
  • Structure Innovation

Vigorous development of forward-looking original design, won the industry and customer praise

A number of product creative designs have won several well-known domestic and international creative design awards

? 2021 Red Dot Award for Branding and Communication Design

? 2021 IF Design Award

? 2022 Muse Creativity and Design

? Pentawards (Global Packaging Design Awards) International Design Silver Award

More than a Printer
Product Solutions
Small packaging, big magic
  • Graphic technology
  • Material
  • We offer a full set of finishing including UV coating, holographic, cat's eye, laser cutting, cold foil and hot foil, embossing, anti-counterfeiting, reticulating varnish, soft touch, etc.
    We pay attention to process research and development, and combine upstream suppliers and downstream brand customers to make their imaginations come true.

    Reverse Scrub
    Cold Burn
    Laser Engraving
    Hot Stamping
  • Development and application new materials and environmental-friendly materials. Quality and stable materials supply through the strategic alliance with suppliers. Material localization and cost-quality balance through all-round technical evaluation.

Supply Chain
Not only supply chain but aslo value chain.
  • Variety of Printing Methods
    • Offset
    • Gravure
    • Silkscreen
    • Flexo
    • Digital
  • Professional Pre-press Management
    • G7 certification
    • Digital color management
    • Automatic color matching system
    • Cross-platform and cross-regional color control system
  • Smart Factory
    • Intelligent equipment
    • Modern management
    • Computerized information
    • Management Information System (MIS)

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Rigid Boxes
Folding Cartons
Molded Pulp
Corrugated Boxes
Promotion Tools
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